Bonus Content Video Library

Welcome to the Week Eight Video Library. Each of your training videos can be accessed below. Simply click the Play Button icon and you'll be taken to the corresponding page where you can watch, listen to, or download your lesson.

Bonus One: Amazon Book Mailing Strategy

A fantastic strategy to get connected to almost anyone.

Bonus Three: Trade Show Strategies

Trade Shows are the perfect place to make connections and gather leads.

Bonus Two: Live Event Strategies

Live events are great place to capture leads as a speaker or attendee.

Bonus Four: Webcasting Live Content

Webcasting your interviews, launches, book promos and training LIVE.

Bonus Five: Promote Product Sales 

Use your book to promote almost any kind of product or service.

Bonus Seven: Podcasting Opportunities

Podcasting is an easy way to quickly connect with your customers.

Bonus Six: Create a Certification Program

Certification programs help to increase credibility and sales.

Bonus Eight: Television Appearances

Writing a Best Selling Book makes it much easier to book appearances.

Bonus Nine: Publishing Multiple Books in a Series 

Publishing a series of books creates an ongoing sales tool.

Bonus Ten: Create an Audiobook Edition on ACX

An Audiobook edition of your book raises your authority even higher.