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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about Premium Pricing Blueprint.

Q: What if I lose my login information?

A: Not a problem. The login screen provides a link to generate a new password should you misplace yours. If you lose your username, simply contact info(@)authorauthorityacademy(dot)com and we'll send the information you need.

Q: Where are the call recordings, checklists and saved files?

A: Yes, we do record all of the calls and most of the information is stored in the AAA Facebook group. If you look just under the timeline photo you can see a list of links horizontally. The last link in that group is "Files" and that is where we keep everything.

Q: How do I find the FB post someone made several weeks ago that has information I need!?

A: Not a problem. On the FB group, just under the timeline image on the far right is a small box that says "Search This Group." That is an awesome resource to rapidly find anything you need in the group.